About Everything

About Jonas Clermont

How are you? I'm Jonas, and I'm trying to make video games. I hope you'll give some of my work a try. Or, if you ever want to make a video game together, just let me know.

About This Site

I made this site cause I wanted to learn HTML and CSS. I also just kinda think it's funny to have a website like this. It's also a place to showcase my work, as if my Itch page wasn't doing fine at that.

I'll be using this to host some other things too, might as well get the most out of owning this domain.

About "Bluestone"

That's been my go-to username for years, usually with a "19" at the end. I also considered "Jclermont," since that's my username on Itch, but my dad has that domain.

Of course, if you scroll through my games you might also notice some have Bluestone as a character. He's supposed to be some kinda blue slime-ish blob guy.

About My Games

I've released a bunch of Pico-8 games, but I've also worked a lot with Unity. I just haven't really released much stuff made in Unity.

About Using My Stuff

Feel free to send me an email and ask, if you want to use my work in your own projects. Just let me know what you're working on and I'll probably send back the OK.

About Contacting Me

Feel free to email me. As long as you're not being malicious or spammy, I like to hear from real people who found my work. Did you see how I've got a form on that page too? You can use it! So far no one has...

About Upcoming Projects

You might have noticed that whatever project I list on my homepage as "upcoming" has remained unreleased for a long time. I tell myself I'll finish it some day, but I think we both know how that goes.

About Plans

I'm pretty bad at plans, but I'm arguably pretty good at wanting to do things. Here's some things I want to do:

About Interests

Besides game development, I have other interests too. For example, I like Balloon Fight and its sequels, released by Nintendo starting in 1984.

I also have a single spotify playlist full of my top 100 favorite songs that I listen to on shuffle. Songs go in and out pretty often. I'll only let you see it if you promise not to make fun of my taste in music.