Pangolin Path

Poachers are watching your every move, so you need to keep them on their toes to avoid getting caught.

Developer Notes

This was made for the Pizza Jam, a game jam run on in 2018. I didn't have much experience with actually exporting Unity games, and was using a mac and didn't have a PC to test on, and the game itself wasn't really worth playing, so I didn't quite win.

The idea of the game was that you'd have to memorize your steps so you could avoid tiles you already stepped on. It wasn't all that fun in practice.

As for the theme, I think I just asked my mom, and she said I should make a game about pangolin poaching. So I did. Not that you could really tell in the game. I wanted to have a net that'd fall down and catch you when you lost, but that didn't happen.

The itch page is no longer public, and I don't think I'll be doing anything more with this game in the future. If you really want me to send you the game, send me an email and I might dig around my computer. Just trust me when I say it really isn't worth the effort.