Elaine is asleep, stuck in a nightmare. To wake up, she has to take back her home.

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Developer Notes

I've wanted to make a game like this for quite a while. I really like rhythm games, I just think they're just inherently fun. And if there's one genre that could really use intrinsic fun, it's RPGs. Sure, I've played plenty of them, but I don't know why. They're pretty boring to play. So you take one and mash it into the other and boom, best case scenario you have an RPG that's fun, or worst case a rhythm game that's boring.

I listen to Nick Elward's music all the time. I have been for years, first finding him through his EarthBound covers and then realizing his own original music was incredible. To be honest, I think this game is mostly just a Nelward fan game.

A very important note about this game is that it's essentially a remake of a project I was part of while at college. So much of the game was improved by my teammates in the class.