Super Mega Bread

In the not-too-distant world of BreadLand, Bread Man must hurry and save the land from the nefarious Dr. Yogurt! Use your supply of butter to clear your path of dangerous snacks and fly over obstacles. page

Developer Notes

In middle school, me and my friends talked about making a series of games under the name "Super Mega Bread." Of course, at the time none of us were actually able to make a game. But later, in one of my highschool Computer Science classes, one of the final projects was to make a game, so I chose to make Super Mega Bread in Pico-8 for real. While I was at it I figured I'd put it up on

This game was part of the Premium Pico-8 Bundle, which was incredibly cool. Apparently there aren't too many Pico-8 games that are sold instead of just being free. I mostly did that just to see what'd happen, and to kinda pretend I'm a "professional game developer," making money off of my work. I've thought about offering it for free, but I'm not really sure.

It's kinda hard to go back to playing this. I was making a sequel to it, with much better controls/gameplay, but that's far from being done. So, I started remaking the original with the improvements from the second, and it seems promising but I gotta get around to fully finishing it. I do not recommend buying this original version yet, since a better version will come out eventually. However, if you want to try pirating it, send me an email, I might send you a copy of it. Don't tell the devs.