Tachyon's Escape

Pilot the legendary Tachyon spaceship, and escape!

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Controls & Gameplay

Developer Notes

The idea of this game was that it'd be like those long-exposure pictures where someone moves a bright light around to draw, but a shoot 'em up. Maybe I thought the really loose floaty controls were meant to "sell the ship's speed" or something, but honestly this kinda stinks.

It was made for the first Extra Credits game jam. You know, that youtube channel about game design. I used to watch them a lot more, but I haven't too much lately. Maybe just cause I went from watching them cause I wanted to in high school to watching them because I was assigned to in college. Still keep up with Dan's new channel, New Frame Plus. Awesome stuff.

The handful of little text boxes at the bottom of the screen are supposed to be the game's story. Spoiler alert, in case you actually want to bother playing the game to read them:

You are playing as an unnamed rogue pilot, escaping an oppressive regime using the legendary Tachyon spaceship. If you can just speed up enough, you'll escape by travelling back in time, but to do so, you have to dodge or destroy enemy satelites which are trying to stop you.