Cyber Ink

This page serves as a eulogy for a dead project... for now, maybe.

See also: Rise of Illusions

Developer Notes

I like to tell myself that one day I'll make this game. I like to think of it as the ultimate project, and everything else I make is just a side project I work on while procrastinating.

The title "Cyber Ink" is cause the game involves getting a job as an artist, until some scary technology stuff happens. I didn't come up with it. Like a lot of the important skeletal structure of this game, it was helped along and guided if not conceptualized by my friend Zach Kozidowski.

It's essentially the next iteration of Rise of Illusions. Personally, I was kinda playing with the idea of having this game tie together everything else I make. There are elements of this project in a lot of my games. Here's a few: