Rise of Illusions

This page serves as a eulogy for a dead project.

See also: Cyber Ink

Developer Notes

This project was the start of my descent into madness. I decided, arbitrarily, I wanted to make an RPG about my experience in middle school. It wouldn't be accurate, of course. It'd feature monsters, stationery-based combat, and bullies (which I didn't really have to deal with in reality.)

There were several attempts at this project, and some say there still are to this day. Here's a quick run-through of the different versions I can remember:

  1. Flash game made with Stencyl: Only ever made a testing area, with a character based on myself and basic testing characters I named debug-men.
  2. Visual Basic: In my first computer science class, I had to make a game as a final project. Reused sprites from the first version, with maybe minor tweaks.
  3. Javascript: New sprites that are taller. Pretty much remade the areas and characters of the visual basic version, but with a new grid-based battle system.
  4. Unity: Same sprites as last version. Leaned even further into sci-fi stuff.
  5. Unity V2: Completely removed myself as a character in the game. New cast of characters and setting.

It's hard to tell where Rise of Illusions ends and where Cyber Ink begins. That Unity V2 version is pretty much halfway between both. I only separate the two since I think they're two very different games, and I wanted to make them for very different reasons. Theoretically, I could make both games, it's not like one is just a replacement for the other. If I were to make one though, I'd make Cyber Ink.